In today’s post “wine and pairings” we will see how to choose the wine for 5 different dishes.

If you are organizing a dinner with friends, relatives or a nice dinner for couples, here you will find some ideas both as regards the dishes and the wines to match.

For the dishes we are about to propose we have taken inspiration from some courses that we serve in the restaurant of our company: the CANTINALE


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Are you ready?!

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If you want to prepare a quick and tasty aperitif, our advice is to do something very simple.

Buy good cheeses (obviously of quality), preferably of different ages, and cut them into small wedges.

At the Cantinale we serve from the Caseificio Nuovo; below the link of their site:

In a very short time you will have prepared a dish that is beautiful to look at and excellent for an aperitif.

You can embellish the dish with some jams, and some decoration leaves.

the choice of wine in combination: we at the farm with the selection of pecorino cheeses combine our BIANCO DI TOSCANA.

Our BIANCO DI TOSCANA is a fragrant wine, with hints of fruit, ideal with cheeses and fish-based dishes. For info and purchases visit our WINE SHOP ONLINE:



The appetizer is very easy; now we recommend something equally simple, but with a little more work: BEEF TARTARE

Also in this case the first thing you will have to do is choose the meat: the quality of the product is the basis of the success of this dish.

We turn to our trusted Butcher “Casa Ceccatelli”.

Following the link to their website:

Once you have chosen the meat, you will have to cut it (obviously with a knife) into small squares; then help yourself with your hands or a bowl of pasta for serving. For wine paired with Beef Tartare, we recommend our CHIANTI COLLI SENESI.

Red wine produced in the vineyards around the Monteriggioni Castle from 90% Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Ruby red wine with hints of violets and violets, harmonious, full-bodied and elegant, prolonged. For info and purchases visit our WINE SHOP ONLINE:


First Course

Here is the third idea for the menu of our post “Wine and Pairings”.

Now we offer you a nice first of the Tuscan tradition: PAPPARDELLE AL RAGÙ

At the CANTINALE we prepare them by hand!

The choice is yours, whether to try to make Pappardelle by your hand, or buy them ready-made.

Same goes for the meat sauce. Once cooked, you can serve the pappardelle in a very simple way, decorating the dish with a sprig of rosemary or a beautiful bay leaf.

For wine paired with Pappardelle al Ragù, we recommend our CHIANTI CLASSICO “Poggio alla Croce”

This wine is produced from the grapes that we grow on our Poggio alla Croce estate, in the municipality of Castellina in Chianti. Ruby red wine, of great structure combined with concentration and elegance, with hints of spices and toasting.

For info and purchases visit our WINE SHOP ONLINE:


Main Course

The choice for the fourth idea of ​​our menu for the post “Wine and Pairings could only fall on the legendary: FIORENTINA

The Florentino, in the Tuscan tradition, is served rare (cooked well outside, but beautiful red inside).

At CANTINALE we serve it with our EVO OLIVE OIL, a pinch of coarse salt and a little rosemary.

Now you just have to turn on the barbeque …

For the wine to pair with Fiorentina, we recommend our CIGOLINO.

Red wine produced in our vineyards around the Monteriggioni Castle with Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Colorino grapes.

Intense red wine, vinous with hints of toasting, great tannic potential and excellent acid freshness.

For info and purchases visit our WINE SHOP ONLINE:



We arrived at the proposal n. 5: the dessert.

Also in this case, our advice has its roots in the Tuscan tradition.

We are talking about the fantastic: CANTUCCI

Cantucci or Cantuccini are a biscuits with almonds, whose origin dates back to the 16th century.

In the best Tuscan tradition, Cantucci are paired with Vin Santo; the cantucci are soaked in wine before eating them.

Obviously for the wine to match, we recommend our VINO LIQUOROSO.

For info and purchases visit our WINE SHOP ONLINE:

Our post goes to the end …

We hope we have given you some interesting insights!

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